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Don't Spend Your Days Looking Through Cloudy Windows

Retrofit your home or office in Missoula, MT with a window replacement

Windows are some of the most eye-catching elements of a building. Why settle for unappealing windows at your home or office? Missoula Glass can retrofit windows for homes and businesses in Missoula, Montana. We'll remove your outdated windows and install new ones of your choice. A window replacement will give your building a completely fresh look.

Finishing up a new construction project? Our team can help with windows there, too. We'll work with you one-on-one to put the best-looking windows on your new building.

Choose from many different designs

Don't settle for windows that are just "good enough." Missoula Glass will help you choose from a variety of options. We retrofit windows of all shapes and sizes. We'll provide you with brochures and samples so you can picture what your new windows will look like on your building and help you choose the best match.

Give us a call  to get started on your new window installation in Missoula, MT.


Deciding on the Best Look for Your New Shower?

Choose from a variety of stylish glass shower doors in Missoula, MT

There are many decisions to think about when building a home. The design of your shower might not be the first thing you think of, but glass shower doors can make a big difference to the appearance of your bathroom.

Using glass for your shower installation will...

  • Prevent drafts and help regulate the temperature
  • Improve the lighting inside your shower
  • Make your bathroom look more appealing
  • Give your bathroom a more spacious feel

Missoula Glass can install shower glass in the Missoula, MT area. We have over 30 years of experience in the glass business. We'll help you find the best glass for your new installation.

Build a bathroom you absolutely love. Missoula Glass is ready to help.

We also provide glass repair and replacement services

You don't have to worry when your shower glass breaks. Missoula Glass can repair and replace all kinds of glass shower doors. We'll help you get your shower door back in one piece. Not thrilled with the current style and design of your door? You can also get a replacement. We'll provide samples and brochures so you can choose a great new look.

Call today to speak with a glass repair and installation pro in Missoula, Montana.


You Can Design the Mirror of Your Dreams

Make it reality with a custom cut mirror in Missoula, MT

Do you have a specific design in mind for your next mirror? You don't have to shop around to find a design that matches your vision. Missoula Glass has been providing custom mirror glass to residents of Missoula, MT for over 30 years. We have the skills and experience needed to create a custom cut mirror that will meet your expectations.

You can customize the mirror's...

  • Hole placement
  • Light fixtures
  • Shape
  • Size

Our team will make sure you get the mirror you want.

Start designing your custom cut mirror today.

Work directly with a glass cutting specialist

Some glass designers will make you work with an inexperienced representative to create your custom mirror glass. Details might be missed when the order changes hands. Missoula Glass will work with you one-on-one. We'll make sure your mirror is completed correctly. No job is too big or small.

Connect with an experienced glass company in Missoula, Montana by calling 406-926-1818.


Find an Experienced Glass Company in Missoula, MT

Our team installs everything from storefront windows to shower doors

Make sure your next glass installation is completed by experts in the field. Missoula Glass has over 30 years of experience in the glass business. We install both commercial and residential windows for residents of the Missoula, MT area. You can rely on our skills and experience for any glass project you have in mind.

Our team installs glass in...

  • PHomes
  • Office buildings
  • Art galleries
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals

You can get the best glass for your building, whether your business needs new storefront windows or you're remodeling your home.

Reach out to Missoula Glass for all your glass-related needs in Missoula, Montana.

We also do repairs and replacements

Modern glass is durable, but accidents can happen. When your glass cracks or breaks, call the professionals at Missoula Glass. We work with any kind of glass you might have in your home or office. From bathroom mirrors to storefront windows, we'll get your glass fixed.

If you're looking for a new design, we can replace your old glass with a new look. Our team can remove your old glass and install new commercial or residential windows, mirrors and glass doors.

Call today to get started.